Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm Not There

I'm out of town for winter break so Capturing Moods will be hosted by other fine djs for the next two Saturdays.
Until then here are some upcoming shows!!!
Vincent Gallo Friday December 21st Red Devil Lounge San Francisco
Junior Boys with Moving Units, and Blaqk Audio December 31st Mezzanine San Francisco
Dan Deacon Thursday January 17th DNA lounge San Francisco

Also The Blow along with Mirah are playing in Santa Cruz January 24th at the Rio Theatre!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ted Leo loves his animal friends

From Pitchfork>>>>>

Ted Leo to Taco Bell: WTF?!

"I have no desire to be attached to the Pepsi corporation"

Yesterday, we ran a story about how Ted Leo-- along with Girl Talk, Enon, Blitzen Trapper, and several other musicians-- had won a Taco Bell contest entitling them to $500 in free Taco Bell food. The information in the story came from a press release from Taco Bell themselves.

One problem: Ted Leo never even entered the contest, as far as he knows!

This morning, Leo emailed us and posted the following on his website, under the heading "For the Record (Re: Taco Bell)":

Here are two letters I sent to Pitchfork today:

Hey Peeps - for the record, I know nothing about this Taco Bell thing - I'll try to get to the bottom of why my name is being used here, but I'd appreciate a clarification from someone at Pitchfork as to where they heard/saw this...
(I'm referring to this story: http://www.pitchforkmedia.com/article/news/46311-girl-talk-ted-leo-enon-blitzen-win-taco-bell-contest)
-Ted Leo

Friday 10/12/07 10:11 AM

Yo - upon further research, I have found that the web site (http://www.tacobell.com/feedthebeat/) says that "hundreds of bands submitted applications" - I knew nothing about this until this morning, and obviously, did not submit an application. Maybe it's a hoax, maybe someone else did it and didn't tell me, but I have no desire to be attached to the Pepsi corporation, which also runs KFC, etc., and anything you guys can do to help me get that point across would be greatly appreciated.
xo - Ted

Friday 10/12/07 10:24 AM

And also for the record, Taco Bell will be hearing from me (not a big threat to them, I know, but still...)

Wow. We are really, really sorry about that, Ted! Thankfully, after we sent Ted's label, Touch and Go, the Taco Bell press release, it all got worked out. Ted updated his site with this message:

UPDATE 11:11 AM - We have contacted Taco Bell (that's a sentence I never thought I'd have to type - ed.), and have found out that someone submitted an application from a G-mail address that is not ours (Heck of a job, G-mail!), so we have, in fact, been pranked, which, since Taco Bell is now removing our name from everything associated with this dumb-ass "Muy Caliente! Side Stage at the Altell Garden Party Pavillion" bullshit, I have to appreciate on some levels... but anyway, it was fake, we weren't involved with Taco Bell, and now it's over. Thank you for your participation!
Yo quiero the internet.

(For the record, Ted Leo's Touch and Go labelmates Enon did, in fact, enter the contest knowingly.)

Another reason why Ted probably isn't so happy with Taco Bell using his name is that he's vegan, and a PETA spokesman.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists are on the road now. Go spend money on their shows and merch, and not on crappy fast food. [MORE...]

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The plight of a pledge drive and dates (with your mom)

KZSC is having its Fall pledge drive. If you're feeling generous donate and get some treats(show tickets,cds,t-shirts,and some other horribly exciting things) from us in return.

Also hey! Go to some shows in San Francisco!
Here are some upcoming dates:

Interpol(with special guest Liars!!!) 10.20.07 Saturday at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Sunset Rubdown 10.21.07 Sunday The Independent
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists 10.25.07 Thursday The Great American Music Hall
Man Man 10.25.07 Thursday Slims
Tokyo Police Club 10.25.07 Thursday Popscene
Two Gallants 10.27.07 Saturday The Independent
Thurston Moore 10.28.07 Sunday Amoeba Records
Broken Social Scene 10.29.07 Monday The Fillmore
The Polyphonic Spree 10.31.07 Wednesday The Fillmore

Also go to some shows here in Santa Cruz!
Beatbeat Whisper with Ash Reiter November 2nd at the Crepe Place starts at 8
Architecture in Helsinki November 3rd at the Rio
(Both shows should be amazing! Go!)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Goodbye Summer Hello Fall (brr)

My last show of the summer season is this Saturday. But don't fret I'll still be on Saturdays but a bit later from 4-6pm instead.

Also here are some upcoming shows to check out:
The Shins Friday October 5th at the Greek Theater-UC Berkeley
Download Festival Saturday October 6th at Shoreline Amphitheater
Holly Golightly Saturday October 6th Bottom of the hill
Beirut Monday October 8th and Tuesday October 9th Herbst theatre
Akron/Family Thursday October 11th The Independent SF
Bat For Lashes Thursday October 1th Slims
Patrick Wolf Monday October 15th Mezzanine SF
Black Lips Monday October 15th great American music hall
Interpol and Liars Saturday October 2oth Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Check this site out http blogotheque.net Vincent Moon captures bands, like Beirut and Arcade Fire, spontaneously performing in public spaces, In elevators and in the middle of the streets. Talk about reclaiming the streets. I highly recommend it. The Sight is in French but it's pretty easy to navigate through.